Do-It-Yourself Drawbacks

When it comes to pressure washing or power washing, doing it yourself might seem like it would save you money.

Attempting to wash your home, walkways, or roof without the proper tools, preparation, and expertise is actually more expensive and risky than hiring a trained professional.

Risk of Damage to Property

Improper or inconsistent technique will lead to an unsightly outcome that can be difficult or impossible to reverse. In the worst case, using the incorrect pressure, temperature, or detergents can result in real damage to your home.

Pressure-washing and power-washing require practice and proper technique to maintain the correct, consistent distance and angle from the material being washed.

my truck
Our truck at a job site in Woodstock, VT.

Hidden Expense

You’ll need to purchase the chemicals and do the research for your purpose. Do you know what specific temperature and pressure to use?

The temperature of the water, pressure, and chemicals used are very specific to the result you wish to achieve. If you aren't knowledgeable it could be a significant barrier.

Weigh the cost of renting vs. buying a machine and compare the options. Will you be using a heavy-duty pressure washer often enough to make it worth the investment?

Our modern, professional-duty equipment is more powerful, accurate, and reliable than what is available to homeowners.


Pressure washers use a large amount of water. Can your well pump enough sustained volume of water? Most residential wells are not designed to rapidly deliver the volume of water needed for a medium to large project.

We bring our 600-gallon tank to your job site. Your well water is not used.

You should allow a minimum of 2 consecutive dry days above 50 degrees.

When you hire us, we worry about the weather and you don't need to take a day off from work or spend your entire weekend on the project.

Risk of Injury

Pressure washing a roof or 2-story building has extra complications and risks because you need to have additional equipment to reach those places safely. Safety can not be an afterthought.

A fully-insured professional with the proper equipment and experience will be able to complete the job more quickly and safely.