Brick & Concrete Exteriors

These exteriors are tough and look great when they are clean but are unfortunately prone to clinging dirt, mold & moss because of their rough texture. Also, rust, paint and water weathering will eventually cause stains. Fortunately these are no match for our special detergents and equipment!

School exterior


Brick and stucco can require special treatment due to their texture and the tendency to attract mold, moss, and weather stains. We can refresh and preserve these surfaces without causing damage. The difference after a cleaning can be very dramatic.

DHMC exterior


Concrete exteriors can be prone to stains from water drainage patterns, dirt & mold, paint and rust. We can clean the surface and also seal it to prolong the life of the cleaning.

Stone & Non-porous Materials

We can safely clean and seal most any exterior material without causing damage to grout or flashing.