Decks, Porches & Patios

Make the most of outdoor living this season. Treat your deck, patio, and porch to a deep cleaning and enjoy the results for years to come. Not only will your deck look brand new but it will be more durable too.


Harsh temperature and moisture changes can be challenging even for tough materials. Our wood wash and conditioner will strip away dirt and damage and replenish the wood so it will last and look great. We can even apply stains and sealant.

Redwood deck grayed and faded.
Before: This redwood deck is dry and weathered.
Redwood deck after cleaning and conditioning.
After: Exquisite redwood deck refreshed and ready for entertaining.

We can clean all kinds of decking materials including composite, pressure treat, redwood, and more. We also clean outdoor wood furniture including teak.

First, we apply a cleaning agent to the surface and allow it to soak in. This cleans and brightens the wood. Next we neutralize the cleaner and finally apply a sealer. Your deck will look new and resist weathering and mold for a longer period. Periodic power washing is well worth the investment.

Dramatic difference: damaged outdoor chairs after & before.
Cleaning a composite deck.
Deck lounge chair with weather damage before & after.



Porches and gazebos often require special treatment for stains and mildew due to the combination of water and shade. These high-traffic areas need special attention to keep the surface in good shape. We will clean, brighten, and condition these areas and optionally seal them.

Redwood deck grayed and faded.
Before: Wood finish is completely worn away and weathered.
Redwood deck grayed and faded.
After: Wood porch floor cleaned, conditioned and sealed.


Patios & Walks

Brick, stone, or concrete walks can be cleaned with a solution that will remove dirt, moss, and stains but is safe for nearby plants.