Surface Preparation

We are able to safely remove treatments from many types of surfaces to prepare for new paint, stain, or to seal and leave natural. Our exact process and application varies depending on the circumstances. We will assess your situation and make our recommendations when we provide your free estimate. We always recommend designating an area to test prior to proceeding with the process. Not every project requires all 3 steps outlined below.

Remove Stain/Paint

We can strip oil and latex based stains and paints to reveal the natural wood of your siding, trim or deck. We can apply a conditioner that will halp bring back the natural beauty of the wood and protect it.

Prepare for Stain/Paint

After removing the old paint or stain, we will neutralize the surface to stop the stripping action of the detergent and to prepare the surface to receive a new treatment.

Apply Stain and/or Sealant

We are able to apply certain types of semi-transparent stain and/or sealant to protect the finished surface. This is a very important step that will increase the longevity of the work.