Wood Cleaning & Conditioning

We have experience cleaning a wide range of wood surfaces that each have specific considerations. No matter what type of home you have, you can benefit from a periodic wash and conditioning or sealing. Especially consider a thorough cleaning if you plan to sell your home or have recently purchased.

Wood Siding

We can clean and treat all styles of wood siding: from clapboards to shingles to ship-lap, and we can safely clean all combinations of finish and stain including untreated, stained, painted and combinations.

Cedar: We recommend that you clean and seal your cedar siding every 2-3 years to maintain it. It is true that cedar has excellent longevity but it is not maintenance free. Call us today to schedule a wash & seal for your cedar shakes, shingles, clapboards or roof.

Wood siding in the middle of a cleaning
Mid-cleaning: You can clearly see the top left area on the second floor where the siding has been cleaned and the stains are disappearing.
Stained wood clapboards and painted trim house.
After: Wood clapboards revived.
Fully painted house.
After: This painted home benefitted from a gentle wash to remove mold and dirt.
Natural wood clapboards.
This cottage has untreaded shingles. Notice the brightened wood on the finished side (right).


Types of Washes & Treatments

  • Hot water wash
  • Detergent wash
  • Neutralizing wash
  • Disinfecting wash
  • Stain removal
  • Quatranizing/odor removal
  • Strip semi-transparent stains
  • Apply sealant

Good Times to Wash

  • Newly purchased home
  • Preparing to sell
  • Periodic cleaning/sealing
  • Preparing for paint or stain
  • Repurpose building (convert barn to living space)


Barns & Outbuildings

We can remove odors from old barns and outbuildings with a quatranizing wash. This is a great step to take if you want to repurpose a barn that housed animals to be a guest house or get ready for sale.

Graying barn converted to house.
Before: This converted barn exterior is weathered.
Working barn interior.
After: Barn interior after neutralizing wash.
Small wood building with black weather stains.
Before: This small outbuilding is an example of unattractive weathered wood.
Small wood building after powerwashing.
After: Dark stains are gone and the building looks new.